Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UP AND Monster ink as low as 4.14 each!!!!

I went to target and I got my deal !!!
This is a great Christmas gift =]
Here is how it well work for you
Ok what you need is the Best Buy Sunday ad!
You need to get the Monsters Ink Blue ray 4 disc pack 18.99 (with best buy ad) use 8.00 off print Here
Get the UP blue ray 4 disc pack 19.99 (Target price they didn't put this out for everyone to know the price when you scan it, it says 19.99 =] ) use 10.00 off coupon print Here
and then you are going to need to use the target coupon for 10.00 off both items =]
Print Here
There is also a way to get mail in rebates =] which is always a plus
$4.00 mail in rebate for 1 Ronzoni, Creamette, Ronzoni Smart Taste, Ronzoni, San Giorgio, American Beauty, Prince or Skinner pasta. Go here to get ino
$5.00 main in rebate when you but two Kernel Seasons product. Get more info Here
$5.00 Mail in rebate when you buy two Birds Eye Viola meals . Get more info Here
So my deal today I went and got both DVD's for 13.28 thats before I do my mail in rebate which if I do a 5.00 mail in rebate it makes it $4.14 each , If I do the 4.00 mail in rebate I get them both at 4.64 each =]
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