Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free diapers plus $10.00

Tomorrow's Plight posted about this great diaper offer. I just had to check it out for myself and it totally worked!

Arquest is a company that does diaper testing. If you call in and offer to sample their diapers, they will send you 4 packs of diapers for you to review. Once they've called you and gotten your feedback, they will send you a check for $10 to thank you for your time.

They are very thorough about this. They send the diapers via ups and they let you know the exact day they will send them and the exact time they will call you to get your feedback. I would do this just for the free diapers! The money is definitely an added bonus though!

So, if you have a little one in diapers and want to check this out for yourself, these are the numbers to call:

If you have a girl in diapers, call 1(888)342-7372 ext. 646

If you have a boy in diapers, call 1(888)342-7372 ext. 634

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