Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free give away!!

So I was just looking around today and seeing what is going on everywhere else in the world and I seen that Bargian briana. com Is doing a give away on Smooshies and they look like a lot of fun for the kids! You can go to her page and try and win them! I'm trying to =]

Coupon Fairy's


  1. You guys are killin' me! Too funny. I hope you enjoy your new website as much as I enjoy mine.

    One tip for you - gotta spellcheck! It's Saving Wherever We Can.

    A mom and HER three girls.

    Follow us and maybe we can help you save money too.

    I love your name, but isn't it Coupon Fairies??

  2. Michelle!! Yeah I know I checked it and fixed it and then when it posted it all still came up that way Im not sure why but Im going to fix it!